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Eye Health/Macular Degeneration

It is possible to restore lost vision, slow or stop the degeneration process.

Most patients see an improvement during the first 10 days. They report increased brightness, better acuity and a larger visual field.

While some do not respond to the treatment, others come in and do get good results.

AcuNova Acupuncture

Your treatment begins with an extensive conversation about your medical history, current health and lifestyle. The acupuncture protocol is 2 treatments a day with a 30 minute break between the treatments for 10 days. I do an eye test before and after the 10 days. To maintain your improvement patients receive maintenance. There is a general guideline of once every other week if you live locally or two to four times a year doing a one week protocol if you are from out of town.

My vision repair program is for patients with wet or dry macular degeneration, stargardt’s, retinitis pigmentosa, macular pucker, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Depending on the eye disease it has been effective on 85% of patients. In Chinese Medicine, there is a lot we can do for eye health. We look at macular degeneration not as a disease but as a circulatory disorder. The environment behind the eye is unhealthy because of ocular waste called drusen. The retina and macular cannot get the appropriate nutrients because of lack of blood flow. Acupuncture lights up the part of the brain that triggers the eyes and wakes up the nerve cells that are dormat or sick by sending more blood flow to the area and the oxygen they need to be healthy. Some patients are improving their eyesight.

AcuNova acupuncture points are newly discovered points in the hands and feet that activate the part of the brain that increases the blood flow to the eyes. Very fine needles are inserted in these points to increase the oxygen to your eyes. I also give you the necessary ingredients to do on a daily basis to keep your eyes healthy. This includes what foods to eat, certain exercises, educate you on uv rays and artificial blue light that are harmful, and getting rid of chemicals in your personal care and household products that are damaging the eyes.

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